What's the Rush for Relationship??

As I mosey into the upper half of my twenty's, I begin to see more of my friends and close colleagues move on into flourishing relationships and have tons (I really mean tons) of kids. While I sit single and childless, I sometimes wonder how life would be if the tables were turned. I finally met the love of my life and gave birth to a child who took the best features and attributes from the both of us.

Then I snap back into reality and take a moment to be honest with myself. I realize that's not what God has planned for me at the moment. I appreciate my current life to the fullest! I also appreciate the luxury of not having to constantly compromise over fish or chicken with my partner or clean up Cheerios after my mini-me. A family is WORK... And definitely not something my selfish ass is ready for. One day, I'll get this "adulting" thing down to a science and will have plenty time for a tall dark and handsome... But until then... what's the rush for relationship??? Comment your thoughts below!!!

How Would You Rate Your Work Ethic?

On a scale of 0-10 (0 being completely lazy and 10 being completely committed) how would you rate your work ethic (at work, school, self-employment, parenting, or whatever you spend most of your time doing), and why? If you gave yourself less than a 10, what can you do to improve your work ethic?

I would give myself a 7 for my work ethic in my career. Accounting no longer motivates me, so my job sometimes feels like exactly that... a job. Also, the open office environment and noise level can be a major distraction at times. If passion was behind what I do at work, I truly believe I would be 100% committed and my work ethic would improve. So how do we find passion in areas we are not passionate about??

Lets discuss! Comment below or send me a snap with your comment @coco_loren.